Risk Management Services

Are you aware that under all regulatory legislation you are required to implement a Risk Management Process?

What does a risk management process do for your business?

AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 identifies the benefits of a risk management process as:

  • Creating value to your business;
  • Should be an integral part of your business;
  • Should be included in decision making;
  • Should explicitly address uncertainty;
  • The risk management process should be systematic, structured and timely;
  • Should always be based on the best available information;
  • The process should be tailored (to suit the individual business);
  • The process should take human and cultural factors into account;
  • The process should be transparent and inclusive;
  • The process should be dynamic, iterative and responsible to change; and
  • The process should facilitate continual improvement and enhancement of the organisation.

There are many forms of risk management in business such as Safety, Environmental, Quality and Financial to name a few.

So what is a hazard?

A hazard in reference to Occupational Health & Safety is anything that has the potential to cause harm to any person or any place.

What is a risk?

A risk in reference to Occupational Health & Safety is the likelihood that the hazard will cause harm.

Does your team understand the risk management process?

A1 Safety Matters can supply assistance with all aspects of the risk management process. We can train your staff so they have understanding and work with them to ensure all facets of your business utilise and understand the benefits of the risk management process.

Evidence of a risk management process is called upon in the event of an incident to provide documentary evidence that the risks were assessed and the worker was aware of the process prior to commencement of any job task.

We at A1 Safety Matters endeavour to provide excellent customer service and superior products to encompass your total safety management.

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